Positive Parenting Tactics is not only easy to use, but it also helps newly arriving families grow relationships. It creates a support for families who must cope with constant change. It is a way to reach those who need help but are looking for more than just to be educated.

PPT is based on the idea that, to make a lasting impact, information must be inviting and relatable to the viewer. Our lessons emphasize connection between the viewer and the lesson. Viewers are hugely impacted both emotionally and intellectually when they can relate to what they being taught. However, that is not where it ends. The facilitator can create a lasting relationship by using the personal discussion questions built into each lesson. These questions reach the heart and increases both impact and effectiveness. The goal of PPT is to create real change through information, connection, and relationship.


With this strategy in place, the tactics become simple. Give needed information in a powerful presentation while cultivating a great relationship. At PPT we have simplified this into a few short steps: just read the instructions, copy the sheets, show the DVD, cover the discussion questions, and send the homework home. That is it! A big strategy boiled down into simple tactics for amazing results!


It is no secret that pregnancy and parenting can be challenging for anyone. Add in the standard military life to the struggles of parenting and many military families find themselves feeling overwhelmed. On average, a family will relocate every 2-3 years. This often causes a separation in relationships, changes in routines and a disruption of needed services. In many cases, each member of the family will leave friends and must start over. This leaves family members feeling perpetually isolated, alone, and vulnerable.

The new Service Members Module, part of the Life Skills Pack, helps a parent adjust to a new normal. The unique system of PPT allows those taking the lessons to feel understood while learning practical military life-skills. They impart the most up-to-date information in an empathetic environment and provide practical tools for success!


We created our videos with the target audience specifically in mind. This means, unlike most curriculum, we are able to target both the hearts and the minds of the audience. In each script, we incorporate real-life situations and documented educational content. Each video contains interviews of experts as well as engaging parent panels. The videos are woven together by a professional editing team, and the end result is a video that provides relatable solutions to the hard problems parents face.

The military family lessons are currently in production and will be completed by May 2018. The Life Skills pack is still available for immediate shipment but the lessons and DVDs for the Thriving Military Family module will ship in May. These new additions will include insight from seasoned military families, professional guidance, and in-depth topical information.

The PPT Advantage

Positive Parenting Tactics is a plug-and-play program. Lessons include the DVD, reproducible DVD worksheets and reproducible homework. The lesson order can be planned based on your client’s needs. For example, newly pregnant families should watch the fetal bonding lesson but families with multiple children may want to participate in the sibling rivalry lesson. The downloadable personalized lesson plan allows you to chose the order in which you show each lesson. Once you have chosen the lesson and copied the worksheets, no other prep is needed. Now your parents are getting the education they specifically need without delay.

PPT is organized

Positive Parenting Tactics is designed to reach the heart of each student. The DVDs are produced with two goals in mind; to relate the viewer and the use that connection to share vital information. This program reaches beyond the traditional information barrier to bring hope, joy and practical instruction to those who are participating.  Start making a powerful difference today with the Positive Parenting Tactics program.


PPT is written in an easy to use, easy to understand format. The lessons are presented using DVDs, worksheets, reading and verbal information with supporting graphics. Your clients will see, hear and read the information, then take home homework lessons that reinforce what they learned. When this information is presented by a parenting instructor who they come to know and respect, the results are dramatic and life changing.

PPT is Easy and Complete

PPT is simple to present and to understand. Each lesson comes with clear instructions and a supply list. The lessons have open ended questions and an answer sheet for the presenter. Each lesson has homework with an answer sheet. It’s all there, ready to use. Centers across the country report that it is easier than they ever imagined to implement. Their lay counselors love it! They are finally able to establish long term relationships that allow them to make a difference in their client’s lives!