Positive Parenting Tactics covers a variety of topics from pregnancy to finances. We are excited to provide the most engaging and up-to-date curriculum out there! Some of our recent updates include topics such as SIDS, Car Seat Safety, How to Prevent Childhood Sexual Abuse, Toddler Tantrums, The Monster of Debt, and Budgeting 101 to name just a few. Positive Parenting Tactics combines engaging video content with worksheets, homework, and pertinent informational handouts. Our system has proven success in both a professional and home setting.


At Positive Parenting Tactics we understand the value of impacting lives and we make that our utmost priority. Because we believe in what we do, we work hard to keep our curriculum up to date and affordable. PPT requires an initial investment. However, unlike our competitor’s curriculum you only need to purchase our entire curriculum once. After your facility has Positive Parenting Tactics, then you will only need to purchase the yearly upgrades to stay current and relatable to your clients. These are released annually around September and upgrade about 5-10 lessons per pack. The upgrades are very affordable - around $50-$80 per lesson. And remember, that includes everything you will need! You never need to buy individual workbooks because our system includes reproducible worksheets!


Our team at Positive Parenting Tactics values changing lives above all else, and we love that our customers are making a difference by using our tools. We value what you do, therefore, we will work hard to ensure our product stays up to date and within your budget.