It is no secret that pregnancy and parenting can be challenging for anyone. Add in the standard military life to the struggles of parenting and many military families find themselves feeling overwhelmed. On average, a family will relocate every 2-3 years. This often causes a separation in relationships, changes in routines and a disruption of needed services. In many cases, each member of the family will leave friends and must start over. This leaves family members feeling perpetually isolated, alone, and vulnerable.

The new Service Members Module, part of the Life Skills Pack, helps a parent adjust to a new normal. The unique system of PPT allows those taking the lessons to feel understood while learning practical military life-skills. They impart the most up-to-date information in an empathetic environment and provide practical tools for success!


To help military families thrive, Positive Parenting Tactics is adding five new lessons as part of the Life Skills Pack. These include:

  • Helping Children Process Change
  • Getting Established in a New Area
  • Family Stability inside Change
  • Single Parenting during Deployment
  • Reunited Parents; Family Unity on Return


We created our videos with the target audience specifically in mind. This means, unlike most curriculum, we are able to target both the hearts and the minds of the audience. In each script, we incorporate real-life situations and documented educational content. Each video contains interviews of experts as well as engaging parent panels. The videos are woven together by a professional editing team, and the end result is a video that provides relatable solutions to the hard problems parents face.

The military family lessons are currently in production and will be completed by May 2018. The Life Skills pack is still available for immediate shipment but the lessons and DVDs for the Thriving Military Family module will ship in May. These new additions will include insight from seasoned military families, professional guidance, and in-depth topical information.